Ryan Kopf - Collected Works

Ryan Kopf

Website Raven: A powerful website building platform built on Rust. Designed to be intuitively easy and dead-simple for setting up a very basic website. The Rust backend makes it faster than all other webhosts out there.

RPG Studio FX: An entirely online video game development platform. Make and distribute your own games right from the browser with ease, using the powerful editor I built.
Rust, WebAssembly

Tixily: Tixily is an all-included, feature-rich platform for selling tickets, event-scheduling, and exhibit hall management platform for event runners.
Ruby on Rails, RSpec, AWS, Github Actions

Geokit: I am one of the maintainers of the Geokit and Geokit-Rails gems, which are useful geolocation libraries that can help map addresses to specific coordinates, provide approximate locations for IP addresses, and more.
Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Github Actions

Colony: Colony is a Rust game, built with Bevy, that plays like any other colony simulator game. The current version is very basic, there are basic food items that your units can consume, your units have basic stats like hunger, and there is some basic map generation.
Rust, Bevy

'Ask': A linux command line program for using AI to inquire about how to properly do Linux commands. No longer do you need to remember the exact order of operations when using the command line, like "grep -ir 'mysearch'" or other commands.
Rust, Linux, GPT-4, OpenAI, ChatGPT

UpcomingCons: A database of upcoming anime, cosplay, science-fiction, gaming, and comic conventions around the world. Founded in 2009, the website and database is over 15 years old!
Ruby on Rails, RSpec, AWS, Github Actions, Ubuntu 22, Nginx

Ani.me: Formerly an anime streaming platform, but we've stopped streaming shows due to the high licensing fees. Still operates as a database for anime information.
Ruby on Rails, MPEG-DASH, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Word Sponge: The Word Sponge, also on Github, is a Chrome extension that helps you learn a new language by replacing words on web pages with their translations. Simply download the extension, choose the language you want to learn, and start browsing the web.
Chrome Browser Extension, Ruby on Rails Backend

OwlReply: A service to help automate your replies to email, built in a way to make the automations invisible to the customer, maximizing customer satisfaction with your customer service team.
Ruby on Rails, Minitest, Ubuntu 20, GPT-4

Defendium: An anti-spam platform that offers an alternative to Akismet, with a web analytics platform offering an alternative to Google Analytics.
Bayesian-Filters, Machine Learning, Rust, Ruby on Rails

Iowa Web Magic: My boutique company does custom website design and development for local Quad Cities businesses. Most of the websites are in Wordpress. I've built various custom themes and plugins.
PHP, Wordpress, Nginx, Ubuntu 22

MaiOtaku: The world's longest-running and oldest dating website for anime fans and nerds.
Ruby on Rails, Websockets, Ubuntu 20, Nginx

Machine Learning: I've started a few minor projects with one of Rust's machine learning libraries, Candle, such as an AI-based social media robot. Haven't finished it.
Rust, Candle, YoloV8, Neural Networks, .safetensors, PyTorch

Hust: A radical new templating language for Rust, allowing you to write Rust code just like you would write Ruby on PHP, embedded in HTML documents.
Rust, Proc Macros

Anime Con Kiosks: I built kiosks for my anime events that handle all aspects of check-in and badge dispensation. The dispenser mechanism is from Alibaba, and I wrote custom software to control it and integrate it with my registration platform.
Rust, Rasbian Linux, CO2 Laser, AutoCAD

Fungal Enterprises: I help with consulting for an indoor mushroom-growing facility, specializing in rare and chef's choice mushrooms, like Lion's Mane. I created humidity sensors for mushroom growing tents, and a web interface for logging and tracking humidity and temperature changes over time.
Rust, ESP32, C++, Arduino IDE

Old Stuff, Maybe Gone Forever

RPG MUD: I created an original multi-user-dungeon-style text-based roleplaying game in Java, back in high school.

Chrono Games: I created a neopets-clone game website, which was frankly horrible, way back in 2003. I even previously wrote about it. Ancient history here!


Programming: Full-stack programming, everything from system architecture to small scriptlets.

Photoshop: Logos, flyers, and advertisements for various events, businesses, and websites.

Marketing: Various types of marketing from social media ads, billboards, shirts, flyering, content marketing, SEO, and beyond.

Electrical Work: I am a licensed electrician, capable of work on 120-volt all the way to 1,000-volt wiring. Most of my experience is with solar panel installation.

Small Electronics: Soldering, arduino, esp32, stepper motors, 3D printers, etc.

Lasers: I have an LC6090 CO2 laser machine for wood cutting, and a fiber laser for metal engraving.

CAD/Drafting: Four semesters of classes in drafting, I can make all kinds of 3D models. Skills used with laser cutter to build anime con kiosks.

Solar Power: I founded a solar installation company, and I have a large depth of knowledge in solar.

Sound & AV: I've managed the stage, run sound and light boards, and more at DJ shows, concerts, and festival events.

Business: I started my own business, and do everything from paperwork and taxes to negotiations and contracts.

Television and Radio: At the University of Iowa I briefly wrote, directed, and hosted a TV show which ran on public access. I was also on the University's radio station with a show called "Nerdcore FM".

Cooking: Korean Beef and Rice, Restaurant-Inspired Teriyaki Chicken, Siracha-Caramel-Topped Mashed Potatoes, and French Onion Soup are my specialties.

Pending Projects or Ideas

I've started working on some of these in my spare time.

  • Con Online: A platform for artists and vendors to sell their products online.
  • Waiter Assistant: A platform to enable restaurants to be more efficient, with QR code ordering.
  • Security Cams: Cheap ESP32-WROVER-CAM video security cameras to cover an entire facility.
  • SMART VR School: A platform for taking classes entirely in virtual reality.


Scuba: Certified scuba diver with over 50 dives.

Japanese: I know over 1,000 words, but it's still not enough.

Spanish: Mucho más malo que mi japonés.